About the Maha Genii


   A Legend of the Instrument

Maha Genii in Meditation

The Maha Genii in Meditation in 1969

   The Maha Genii is an ascended Anointed Mystic, Clairvoyant, Poet, Artist, Composer, Spiritual Healer, and Guide.

   The Maha Genii is a mighty vortex of Great POWER and LIGHT. The Grace Waves of the "Guru" are eternally present, as the great poet-saint of India, Milarepa, once said.

   The Maha Genii speaks the WORD inspirationally and ministers the Healing Light that pours through his Presence. Regular immersion in the Powerful Rays of this Light during group gatherings opens the Portals of Being for ascension in consciousness, unfolds Inner Vision, and grants Illumination.

   Diligent and purposeful attendance at these meetings results in the establishment of a discipleship attunement with the Master, which imbues the disciple with an inner anointing of the Light and a stable attunement with the Father God through the Maha Genii.

   This work is advanced and Initiatory. This POWER RAY channeled through Mahara from the Maha Genii lifts those present into inter-dimensional spheres of consciousness. There is a downpouring of POWER and LIGHT from the Higher Spheres at each gathering.

   The Student-Disciple receives and absorbs this POWER VORTEX to the degree of his or her receptivity and intelligent understanding. Mahara, channeling the Grace and Power of The Maha Genii, gives each aspirant a personal "charge of the POWER," which serves to prepare the student for future growth and expansion. Each annointing thereafter serves to further purify and clarify the student's instrument for greater fields of service in the Divine Plan.

   This Mystic Path of SOUL UNFOLDMENT is made available unto those aspirants,seekers, and humble devotees who quest for Truth, Light, and the Power of God. Mahara continues the work of her Beloved Maha Genii. The Maha Genii has made his full ascension into Glory and is ever-present with us — both during the gatherings and during private meditations — whenever one remembers his Name and Presence

Maha Genii conveying spiritual blessings

Biographical Information

   The Maha Genii Turriziani is an anointed mystic, occultist, clairvoyant, poet-artist, musical composer, spiritual teacher, healer and philosopher. He has consistently led a most powerful inner life devoted to God, during which time, in a most profound and unforgettable vision, he was singled out to do God's Work when the 'Finger of God' pointed at him. Thus, in 1946, was the Maha Genii anointed with God's Power and Light. After this vision followed many wonderful spiritual experiences and years of counseling and guidance for many. In 1962 he was led to enter a state of deep trance meditation and beheld the Glorious and Transcendent Vision of God.

   On a professional and creative basis, Maha Genii studied fine art and sculpture at Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles, and studied music at the Los Angeles Institute of Music and the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music. He has dedicated himself through the years to bringing forth hundreds of academic and spiritually inspired paintings, along with composing a number of beautiful songs. He is the author of many inspired writings. During the 1980s he and his wife, Mahara, hosted Divinely-inspired and uplifting radio shows throughout Central and Southern California.

   Maha Genii made his full ascension (Maha Samadhi) on September 16, 2008, and continues his ministry through Mahara. The Maha Genii continues to channel the Great Light of God the Father through Mahara, through the power of absent healing, and through his immortal legacy of books, radio and meeting tapes, songs, and transcendent artwork. His Great Light continues to reach anyone who remembers him and invokes him with love — be they near or far, throughout the planet.


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All artwork, inspired poetry, and Love Wisdom teachings on this website were originally created by THE MAHA GENII